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It has now been 1&#189 months since Helaine and I started playing poker online. We continue to enjoy it and be frustrated by it.

Maybe we have the wrong expectation of good play. After all, to quote Kenny Rogers, “every hand’s a loser, every hand’s a winner.” Still, it kills you when someone goes in with a 2-7 off suit (statistically the worst hand you can be dealt) and wins on the river (fifth and final turned card).

As of last night, we were down nearly $150 and then we got warm.

I came in 167th in an 1,100 player $3 tournament (only the top 99 won money), felt lucky, and switched to a $11 – 9 player tournament. I finished first and won $44 (actually net $34). Then, this morning, Helaine played in a $5.50 – 9 person tournament and finished first for $22.50 (net $17).

So, we’re back under $100 down and still having good, cheap fun. Considering a $5.50 single table tournament can take 1.5 hours or more, it’s a reasonable way to kill time.

I think I said this in one of my blog entries that was lost when the website crashed: We have probably won versus the other players. Our losses are entirely to the house for their share (rake) in hosting the games. It’s good to be the house.

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