No Phone

Steffie and I had some errands to run this afternoon, so we left Helaine at home and headed out. Since the Eagles game was still on (when I left it looked like an easy win) I called a few times to follow the action.

As we were about to leave our last stop, Steffie decided to call home, but all she got was a busy signal. With call waiting, that’s something you really never should hear. We assumed it was a phone off the hook.

We got home and started searching. All the phones were properly on the hook. Down to the basement. I unplugged the main line through the house and plugged a phone into the network connector. Nothing.

So, how do you call 611 when you can’t call anyone? Not with my cell service (I don’t want to mention the company, but it rhymes with Cingular) which has no service from the house.

I got on the computer, fired up Instant Messenger, and found my friend Harvey Kliman in Woodbridge. I needed local. You can’t exactly dial 1-203-611 and expect to get through.

The phone repair person tried the line and said it tested as a short. My guess is it’s related to the drenching rain we received earlier today. They will send a repair person tomorrow.

Ask me how much I wish there was cell service here at the house? When our contract is up, we’ll probably be switching cell carriers again, since there are now a few companies who serve this area.

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