Now, it’s anger

As we approach 48 hours, there’s still no phone service here.

What could possibly take so long to repair? You would think a ‘widespread’ outage (their characterization to Helaine) would demand round-the-clock attention. I sense that’s not happening (though how would I really know).

I hear Tommy Lee Jones’ voice on TV. I see repairmen in the mud and rain in the commercials. It’s puffery, isn’t it?

Lily Tomlin used to perform routines as Ernestine, the telephone company employee. Her basic premise was, having the only game in town made the phone company brazen.

Nothing has changed.

My cell service expires 10-26. Unless I can find out that Cingular has imminent plans to plant a cell site in my neighborhood, I’m gone. It has become perfectly clear that cell service is no longer an optional item for home.

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