They Dropped the Ball

On my way to work, I pulled up to a traffic light, adjacent to a car driven by my town’s mayor. Windows down, we started to chat.

Did he know the phones were still out in my neighborhood? Still out… he didn’t know they were out at all!

As it turns out, as far as I can tell, no one in emergency services in my town was told that a cluster of 300 homes was without phone service. No 911. No nothing.

A lineman I stopped characterized the cable that failed as being old. But, cables shouldn’t take on water just because it rains. Maintenance is supposed to cover that, I thought.

I really don’t know too many people at the phone company, but I do know their PR person. And so, this evening, I dashed off an email to her with the hope that it gets kicked upstairs.

I’m starting to reach simmer on this. They’re not selling Slurpees. They’re the phone company, selling among other things, my lifeline to safety.

One thought on “They Dropped the Ball”

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