Rush Limbaugh at the Speed of Light

Wow. This whole thing has been played out at warp speed.

Sunday: Rush Limbaugh criticizes Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback (as Rush is entitled to do). Unfortunately, Rush prefaces his comments with a reminder that McNabb is black and the NFL wants black players and coaches to succeed.

Wednesday: The whole thing becomes a huge story. McNabb answers questions at a press conference. Limbaugh downplays it on his show. ABC as their ‘affiliate correspondent’ cut a national package which runs nationwide.

Wednesday night: ESPN starts distancing themselves from Limbaugh’s comments and Rush resigns.

Why did this wait until Wednesday? It happened Sunday morning.

And, now it looks like Limbaugh’s troubles are only beginning. The National Enquirer, which has broken some fairly big news stories over the last few years is running a front page story on Limbaugh’s alleged drug abuse!

I predict the future for a living but would have never, in a million years predicted this. Limbaugh is probably safe on the radio, where his core constituency might not mind racist comments, but he has major tsuris to deal with.

3 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh at the Speed of Light”

  1. Geoff, check out – I had so many problems with SNET I decided to just tell them where they could stick it and go with voice over IP for my telephone service. For $20 a month unlimitted calling, and the satisfaction of never giving any money to SNET again.

  2. As far as I am concerned, they can lock Rush Limbaugh in jail and throw away the key. He never had any mercey on any of his opponents, who happened to be liberals. Let’s hold him to his words of 1995 when he said that all drug dealers and addicts should be put in prison. If he thinks that those views of his do not apply to him, he is not only arrogant but a hypocrite. We already know that he is a racist! People like him do not deserve mercy. There is a saying that you have to remind a jackass that he is a jackass, otherwise, he will think that he is a horse. A horse Limbaugh is not.

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