Why Do People Come Here?

That anyone, other than my dad, looks at this site, always astounds me. Lots of what I do, I do for my own gratification and satisfaction. It was fun setting up this blogging software, and some of the other more esoteric parts of the website, like weather graphing, computer models and tides.

I have learned enough about Linux servers to be dangerous. But, I don’t exactly write about Earth shattering topics.

I know some people (and it really is a small number, in the low hundreds daily) get here through searches. I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s got to be a really unusual search, just the right combination of words, to bring someone here. Being a 3 on Google’s 1-10 scale, I don’t get any hits from ‘common’ searches.

Tonight, I was looking at my logs, seeing how people got here, and discovered a bunch of hits from http://www.moskalyuk.com/. If you look in his right hand columns, I am listed in a group of 17 “people.” I am last in the list. One entry is in Cyrillic characters. Much of the site is in Russian.

As it turns out, the site seems to be in Spokane and is on a server with 3 other domains (two running and one displaying an unfinished software installation).

I have no idea how I got on his page. Does he find my writing interesting? Did he see me posted somewhere, like on Slashdot, and mistake me for someone with “Geek Chic?” I don’t know. But, I’m glad he’s linking to me.

As far as search engines are concerned, “hurricane photo” tops the list for October (and considering the competition in this term, I’d like to thank the Academy for this award) and Scotty Crowe, who is John Mayer’s road manager and a semi-celeb in his own right, comes in second.

Here are some unexpected search terms. I don’t know why they brought someone to this site, but they did:


record deer

fixing driving record

new business opens in rogers ark september 2003

liza minelli david gest split

how tall is jesse jackson?

las vegas cheap prime rib harrahs

mississippi state university meteorology test answers

information on exercises that will helo me lose my butt (my favorite)

3 thoughts on “Why Do People Come Here?”

  1. Why do I visit this site! I don’t know. I find your daily topics interesting although simple at their core. Maybe it’s the fascination of wanting to develop my own web site for friends and families to see. Peeking through their PCs into my own private world. I admire your skills of computers taht makes this real for you. I sit here now wondering if you actually read the dribble posting a comment. I may never know. 🙂

  2. Hi, I am Alex Moskalyuk, and I am the owner of moskalyuk.com site. I found your site through Slashdot, the submission on the NYT article on accelerated listening. I just found your writings on this site to be interesting. Plus, you update the site frequently. I usually add the sites I like to a linklist of people on my site.

    My site generally receives about 800-1000 unique visitors a day (mostly http://www.moskalyuk.com/jobs), and when they are done reading my stuff, they like to click on something else of interest. Hence the bunch of people who came to read you.

    If it bothers you, let me know, I can delete the link from my site. No harm was intended:-) And by the way, most of the readership is not Russian-speaking, so they might find this site interesting, too.

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