Stuff About Poker I Will Never Understand… Never

Tonight, after work, I decided to play a little poker. With Helaine’s help we’ve crawled back to even. Tonight, I added to that.

A quick recap. On August 12, I deposited $250 at We’d play until the money ran out. After a few weeks we were down around $150. It wasn’t going to last all that long.

My game tonight was a 2 table, 18 player tournament. Entry fee $5.50 ($5 into the pot, 50&#162 for pokerstars). Someone was going home with $36. Three others would win lesser amounts.

I played nearly 30 hands before going in the first time. After a few small wins, I drew one player all in to get fairly flush with chips, and then spent the rest of the game being cautious and protective. My finish was second, good for $27.

The winner was nearly out long before the final four. His miraculous save came by winning a lucky hand, filling in a straight with a 5 after he had gone ‘all in.’

As he and I played head-to-head for the top spot, a player who had been in the game started typing on the chat screen. He was ranking my opponent because he had won lucky. Truthfully, he was cruel and abusive.

But why? Because he was beaten in a $5.50 game? Where is the perspective in this man’s life?

Can the $5.50 really matter that much? And, even if you do lose to someone you consider an inferior player, over the long run, you’ll get your money back.

I want lucky players at the table, because their early luck only encourages them to chase for winnings, and hopefully, I’ll end up with some of their cash. When I play in these little tournaments, I assume that there are 3 or 4 players who have no idea what they’re doing… maybe they’ve seen poker on ESPN… and are getting educated.

But why was this busted player going after the chip leader?

In a brick and mortar casino, a manager would already be talking to him, letting him know that one more outburst would get him tossed (and they really will do that). Maybe it’s the perceived anonymity of the Internet… or he’s just an ass.

Actually, that’s more likely.

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