California Fires

This week the news has been filled with stories of the California wildfires. Spread from San Diego to just north of Santa Barbara and inland to desert areas, these fires are awesome in their ferocity and size.

The ground and helicopter based pictures are sobering to watch, but I think the full version of the image to the right is even more amazing. Taken by one of NASA’s low Earth orbiting satellites, it provides more detail than I’ve ever seen in a similar satellite image.

As of tonight the Santa Ana winds have subsided. Hopefully, over the next few days, these fires will be controlled by firefighters.

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  1. My maternal Aunt lives up the street (canyon) from Jack Murphy stadium…they are on stand-by to evacuate at any moment…she said the smoke is unbelievable, and that two of my cousins that live within ten miles of her house have had to be evacuated…scary stuff.

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