Gimme Three Steps

We went out to dinner tonight to Tre Scalini on Wooster Street in New Haven with our next door neighbors (the ones we speak to). The food was unreal and the dessert better. My only complaint was that the coffee came with milk and not cream. Call me crazy, but it makes a huge difference in coffee.

What made dinner even more rewarding was the fact that I’ve been on the Atkins Diet for the last 5 or 6 weeks. I am a big fan of Atkins because it is very easy for me to follow and it works. Though I’m prone to high cholesterol, it has never spiked while on this diet. In fact, the only time I took a blood test while doing Atkins, the bad stuff was lower.

The problem for me is that once I’ve achieved my goal, I go back to being stupid with food. People often say, after Atkins you put the weight back on. Duh! It doesn’t immunize you if you start doing what got you too heavy in the first place.

In the three or four times I’ve been on Atkins in earnest, this is the first time I’ve taken a day off (aka – cheated). I will go back on tomorrow and probably be shedding pounds again by Monday.

I had nine pounds to go before tonight. I’m sure I’m a little farther from my goal now. Actually, once I get down to 175 lbs, I might continue. The diet isn’t that tough, and like every other American, I’m obsessed with my weight.

I only weight myself when I’m dieting. And, I have found there are certain standard conditions I can weigh myself under, and actually know where I stand. For instance, there’s the weigh-in on my way into the bathroom first thing after I wake up. Then there’s the weight after my shower, but before my clothes. I don’t weigh myself often before bed, but I know the relationship between that and where I’ll be in the morning.

I guess this is much too much detail to possess about my own weight.

When Helaine first met me, I was just under 160, never gained weight, and lived on Coca Cola and Hydrox cookies. When I was living in West Palm Beach in the late 60s/early 70s, I had a Whooper minus onions and mayonnaise, chocolate shake and fries EVERY day. No weight change.

Now, I put on pounds by looking at food.

Oh – I almost forgot. This entry is named “Gimme Three Steps” because Tre Scalini means three steps in Italian.

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