Weird Cell Phone Ad

As you might have read, I continue to anguish about who will win my cell phone business. As of yesterday, Cingular has turned on a new “GSM only” tower at a college about 1.5 miles away. There’s a chance it’s blocked by a hill, but probably not. I can get a pretty good deal with Cingular, though I’m unsure of its current GSM coverage. Without coverage here in my house, there’s no deal.

But, I digress.

I was watching TV and a T-Mobile cell spot came. They were selling phones with built-in cameras (someday in the future, I will look back at this blog entry and find it quaint), which of course is the current big deal. But, the two locations used for photos were a locker room and a concert hall!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but should we be encouraging people to take pictures in locker rooms? Even concert halls usually ban any kind of photography.

Of course, maybe this is their point. to try and build the market by giving us fresh idea in how to be invasive.

4 thoughts on “Weird Cell Phone Ad”

  1. I can picture these camera phones turning out to be quite the spy tool in the future… perhaps the camera watches that we see in movies aren’t too far away…

  2. Hey Geoff- Come on down to the new Best Buy store in Waterford, I’ll show you how good GSM coverage is with Cingular. The phones are alot less $$$ at Best Buy too, plus you get a 14-day, money-back guarantee- If for any reason your not happy, we tear up your contract and Best Buy takes the phone back!! -Eric p.s.-I remember when you came to my elementary school, (Burr-in Higganum) because everyone thought you were my dad!! LOL, guess we must look alike!!

    Thanks for the offer Eric. I have been speaking with my local guys and I couldn’t walk away from them.

    I’m glad you remember me coming to your school!

    All the best,

    Geoff Fox

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