They Shut Down My Website!

I woke up this morning (feeling pretty awful I might add), went to check my email and… nothing. So, I went to my webpage and, instead of my site, a page was posted telling me there was a technical or billing problem and that the page had been shut down.

Ouch. As bad as I felt, I now felt worse. Would there be enough Pepto to get me through it?

I called hostforweb who hosts own and operate the computer this site lives on, and provide the Internet connection to it. Tech support answered quickly and I was told one of my processes which draws some of the cool weather graphics I show was hogging computer resources. Since I share my hosting computer with others, I need to share fairly.

It’s a real puzzlement to me because the function that was using all the computer’s power was designed specifically to use very little in the way of resources and had been running for months with no problem. Maybe it had gotten bad data? Who knows? It had become a problem child overnight.

My site was re-energized and the problem seems gone. I sent an email to the hosting company telling them more about the program that went bad so they could keep an eye on it. I don’t blame them for shutting down the site. But, I wish there had been a better way than putting a note which mentioned a possible billing problem. That makes me look like a deadbeat… on an account that’s prepaid.

I still feel pretty rotten, but it’s probably not web oriented.

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