Chicago By Night

Wow. I am just blown away. Years ago, my agent at the time asked me if I would be interested in working in Chicago. I said no. What an idiot!

The city is vibrant. Downtown is clean and full of people. I am entranced by the architecture. There are restaurants and there is entertainment.

Of course the downside is the weather. Chicago is full of weather. It’s cold, windy and snows in the winter. Thunderstorms and heat can be brutal during the summer.

And, of course, I am not driving through Chicago traffic as a resident would. The city itself seems very livable – good for me, but not for my wife who is not a city dweller and probably never will be.

My boss and I left our hotel and walked the ten minutes down Michigan Avenue to Lawrys. It’s a fancy steakhouse. After a quick sit at the bar (club soda for me – a non-drinker even off the diet) we were ushered into the dining room.

The wait staff is costumed. I’m to sure exactly how to describe it, but our waitress was dressed like a formal maid in a wealthy European home. Though the menu is simple, ordering is not. Certain dishes need to be requested early – like my asparagus and mushrooms.

The main dish is prepared tableside from a silver colored rolling cart. In fact, nearly everything was prepared at the table, including our salads. Al in all, dinner was very good and I’d go back again.

On the way back to the hotel a street saxophonist played the Sanford and Son theme. It was perfectly fitting.

The real stuff starts tomorrow morning at 8:15 AM. That’s early for me… even when it’s only an elevator ride away.

One thought on “Chicago By Night”

  1. For my old job I spent a lot of time in Chicago and I told my husband time and time again I would move there in a heart beat. The summer time is really the best time to visit.

    The lake is just beautiful, and the combination of the city (which I find friendlier and more laid back than NYC) and the lake-front is just wonderful. All of the site are great.

    Glad to see you got to a good restaurant. Give any of the Lettuce Entertain You restaurants ( ) a try. Or I believe Wolfgang Puck has a place in Chicago too. His restaurants are always an experience.

    Now I am jealous. I hope you enjoy!

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