The Snow Begins

The snow started lightly a few hours ago. Now it’s really coming down. A quick peek at the radar shows there’s no let up in sight. I had suspected it would take a long time for there to be accumulation on the road surfaces – and that still looks right.

Even so, it’s depressing to know that Spring is only a few days away and it’s still snowing. Not only that – it might snow again this week!

Where are these people who tell me they love the four seasons? Maybe they’re talking about Frankie Valli and his group from the sixties. I can’t see how they’re loving this now.

At the time when I should be getting out and sniffing the fresh air, I am in the house, wondering whether we need gutter heaters. I was hoping to play golf this week. Who am I kidding?

Earlier in the week, I had asked a friend for a favor. He said “As long as you don’t even mention the word “SNOW” any more – for the rest of the winter – you’re all set.”

What now?

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