Glasses – Can’t Live Without Them

Good grief. My recent experience with eyeglasses hasn’t gotten any better!

Earlier I had written about how a high price from our insurance company’s preferred provider sent me packing, across the street. Today, I got the lenses they made.

They’re awful! Worse than the glasses I wanted to replace.

I believe the probem is not in this second shop – these people have been great, and I might as well mention their name because I have nothing bad to say about them: OptiCare.

When the optician took a look at my old lenses, then the prescription, and then the new lenses, he realized the optometrist at the first place had prescribed reading glasses weaker than what I was replacing! As much as I’d like it to be true, at age 53 my eyes are getting worse, not better.

I drove to work, sat at my computer and knew it was going to be very difficult to read the screen. A quick call to OptiCare has gotten me an appointment for tomorrow morning with their optometrist and the promise of my old, pitted, scratched lenses back in this frame for another week or so. Then, hopefully, a better prescription so I can see clearly.

It’s always something.

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