Steve’s Computer

Steve got his refurbished Compaq computer from Tiger Direct yesterday. He plugged it in, turned on the switch and… nothing.

Been there. Done that.

He was beside himself. After waiting, computerless, for a week or more, he was now faced with the prospect of sending it back, waiting some more, and getting another machine. This, of course, is one of the larger downsides to mail order.

I offered to come and take a look, and this afternoon I did just that.

If you pull out the AC plug, and if you then take out the CMOS battery, the machine will boot. Unfortunately, you have to do this every time you shut the machine down and bring it back up! Even if the clock didn’t reset it would still be a royal pain.

Tomorrow, he will try and get a new battery to see if that helps. Otherwise, it’s back to TigerDirect. Bummer.

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