That Sluggish Feeling

This website,, lives on a server in Chicago (I think). The server is run by a company called In essence, I rent a small piece of it.

Over the last few months, the server has been running slowly. You might have noticed it. I certainly did. Lots of what goes on here is controlled by commands I give the server. Often times, I have to sit and wait for the server to respond. W-a-i-t. You get the picture.

I spoke to the folks and they asked, “Would you like to move to a different server?” Sure – if that will help. But really, who knows, because they don’t think this server is particularly slow to begin with.

Anyway, the big move is scheduled for Sunday night. By and large, I should have to do nothing. But, that’s never really the case. There will be some sort of loose end or unexpected problem.

I am most concerned about changing my IP address. That’s the place where your computer goes to find what you’re reading. really resolves to – and that number will change.

Will surfers looking for this site be able to find me? Will all my links still work? What haven’t I planned for? Will it actually speed the website up? Stay tuned. The answer comes over this weekend.

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