Midterms – The Results Are In

I got the results to my midterm exams back today. As suspected, I did well in Applied Climatology with a 98%. Radar Meteorology, the one I expected trouble in, gave me trouble with an 88%. I need to maintain a 90% average to stay an “A” student.

This was by far the most brutal exam I have taken at MSU. Below is the class breakdown. The median grade was below a 70%. A significant portion of the class flunked or did poorly.

Some employers demand a certain grade result before they’ll reimburse, so there are going to be some upset students this weekend.

Meanwhile, the online bulletin board has been silent – so far.

One thought on “Midterms – The Results Are In”

  1. Just wait til you get to thermodynamics! I PROMISE you that will be your toughest class of the entire program LOL

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