We’re Loving mlb.com

I just finished watching the end of the Phillies/Braves game. The game’s been over for hours. I already knew the score. That made it even sweeter to watch.

Helaine and I have always felt the Atlanta announcers are the biggest homers on TV. So, I listened to their speculation while smiling.

The fact that I could watch these few minutes of the game (or all of it had I chosen to do so) is one of the reasons I’m so happy we have mlb.com.

When I tell people we watch games on the computer, they all ask the same two questions.

Is it jerky? Sometimes, but mostly no.

Is it tiny on the screen? It certainly isn’t full screen, but you aren’t sitting across the room. On a laptop, or my desktop, the video is a comfortable size and all the screen text is clear.

Skipping ahead to the end of the game was as easy as sliding the timing bar with my mouse. The broadcast picked up almost instantaneously. I had guessed where the bottom of the 10th would fall, and I guessed well.

I only wish we could pick which broadcast we watch. On radio, you can pick the home or away team. With the video telecast, their choice. I’d rather have my homers calling the game than theirs.

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