Fixing My Computer Until It Doesn’t Work

Last night, while sitting at the computer, I opened up TweakUI, a program that allows mere mortals to fool with the Windows user interface. Somehow, over time, my computer had started demanding I sign on every time I powered it up. I wanted that to stop.

I had forgotten about TweakUI until my friend Peter Mokover reminded me. There’s no reason for that last sentence other than the gratuitous mention of his name. At one time Peter was ‘the man.’

TweakUI allowed me to turn off the sign on procedure and even eliminate the names that appeared for signing on… well, not quite.

This morning, when I turned on the computer, up came the log on screen (that I thought I had turned off). It came without any names to sign on! That part, unfortunately worked.

The cure, thankfully, wasn’t too difficult. Windows does have a facility to roll back the clock and reset the computer as it was before I made these changes (going in through Safe Mode).

I still have to log in.

Damn you Bill Gates!

2 thoughts on “Fixing My Computer Until It Doesn’t Work”

  1. I was equally as annoyed with XP when it decided to do that to me, but since I have SP2, I was a bit reluctant to use an unupdated version of TweakUI… so here’s what I found, hope it helps:

    Hit the start menu and select the ‘run’ command. Then type this in: “control userpasswords2”.

    Near the top of the window is a checkbox that says, “Users must enter a username…”. Uncheck it, hit OK, and you’re all set.

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