Are There Two Floridas?

Hurricane Ivan looks like it will do a pirouette and pass through the narrow Yucatan Channel without directly touching Cuba or Mexico. That means it will maintain much of its strength that much longer (though interaction with environmental winds will take some of the punch out of Ivan over the next few days).

People in the Florida Keys and the East and West Coasts are beginning to relax, having dodged this bullet. TV coverage may begin to slack off too, because areas with the greatest connection to the Northeastern United States are off the hook.

Hold on. This storm is not over. And just because Biloxi and Mobile are not well known up here doesn’t mean they’re not substantial and important.

Ivan continues to have the potential to be the worst killer in the United States of the storms that have touched us this year. Yes, my parents and friends are in the clear. Still, there is no joy in following this storm.

One thought on “Are There Two Floridas?”

  1. Hi Geoff…Ivan looks immense and now I am faced with the question, do I go to Clearwater on Wednesday…or postpone the trip for 2 weeks. Can you offer any insight? I have reviewed maps, projections, FL weather…despite that Tampa South to Clearwater is not ‘under the gun’ will it be a washout or will the sun shine on the sunshine state in the second half of the week?



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