Eminem Lip Syncs Too

It didn’t take long for Saturday Night Live to give it to Ashlee Simpson. In the opening bit, Seth Meyers as Osama Bin Laden talked politics, pop culture and (see left) Ashlee’s SNL appearance.

This was not the only time Ashlee got zapped. In fact, in order to establish her bona fides, the host Kate Winslet, sang and danced – both very well.

But, if you think Saturday Night Live learned anything from last week, Eminem proved you wrong! He was lip syncing, or at the very least singing along with his own voice. His songs (and though I’m an Eminem fan, I thought this stuff was horrid) featured overdubbed singing, meaning some… much… maybe all was on tape.

Saturday Night Live needs to be live. Isn’t that the point? Artists without nets. That’s the fun of live television. There’s a danger that’s not there otherwise. It’s this danger that makes us continue to watch the show, even if a particular night is bad.

3 thoughts on “Eminem Lip Syncs Too”

  1. I watched that abomination of SNL tonight as well. Eminem was so bad, and it was blatatly obvious that he was lip syncing that first song, the second one probably not, but he sounded really bad. Afterwards I switched over to Springfield Mass’s NBC station which shows older reruns. This is one from the early 80’s – And now this is SNL. artists making music together in a jam style fashion – because it’s live. Do the producers think that we just want to hear a song from a CD and watch some guy/girl dance around and pretend to sing from it? The whole point of a live performance is the fun, spontaneous things that can only happen when the “studio magic” button can’t be applied.

  2. Not only was he singing to a pre-taped track, but he was also reading from a prompter. If you watch carefully you can see his eyes are fixed in one spot. The only time they move is during the chorus. Obviously, he needed to change some of the lyrics for “live” tv and couldn’t trust himself enough to lip sync it properly.

  3. That !@#%#.. OSAMA bin Laden is dead.. and america is still livng under fear..
    He actually got sucess in ruining america by making us live in fears .. We seriously need to fix the economy of our country

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