Another Lipsync Debacle

Steffie has been trying to show me this for days. Lindsay Lohan, who Steffie likes, was appearing on Good Morning America to ‘sing’ her new single. In this case I’m using the word ‘sing’ in the Ashlee Simpson sense.

Was the lipsyncing bad? Good grief, it looked like bad karaoke!

In Lohan’s favor, her vocal is so heavily ‘electronified’ and uses punch-ins (allowing her to sing more than a breathful at a time) and other techniques which could never be duplicated in live performance. But, if you can’t perform it live, then don’t.

Doing what she did was embarrassing.

That’s why Steffie asked me to look at the video… and to show me she’s savvy enough to pick up on these things by herself.

Geoff Huntley, down in Australia, has posted the video on his website – a site dedicated to lipsync errors.

Meanwhile a few days later Lindsay appeared with Regis and Kelly, but didn’t sing. She said her throat was too sore. Next.

2 thoughts on “Another Lipsync Debacle”

  1. I also watched that GMA spot with lindsay lohan (The Tiffany of this generation?) And I was quite sure she was lip synching. The question is, do people these days want to just hear the song and see the singer dance around, or do they want to hear live music? Do the fans these days even know the difference? Take some great rock acts that have performed on SNL, probably any episode from it’s debut to the mid 90’s – The songs usually sound NOTHING like the recorded version – but isn’t that the point? Ad-libbed lyrics, either because the singer was making an artistic change to the lyrics, or was too high on whatever his drug(s) of choice were, or what not. But wasn’t that great? Rare moments that would never be exactly repeated again. Remember back when?

  2. Jim,

    You mentioned SNL- I remember hearing the Red Hot Chili Peppers doing an AWFUL version of “Under the Bridge.” If I’m not mistaken, I think they really didn’t want to perform that song (the producers of the show wanted them to do their “hit”) so they botched it on purpose…

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