Ashlee Again

The email came at 1:35 AM. From Australia Geoff Huntley was sending me another link to his growing collection of Ashlee-abilia.

During last night’s Orange Bowl, a lopsided contest over sometime in the second quarter, Ashlee Simpson performed during halftime. I wasn’t listening, but caught a glimpse of her in a monitor near my desk. Her earplugs (these are used to hear, not to blot out sound) were hanging around her neck. When you’re on, TV hanging earplugs are a bad sign. It often means you are being fed audio that’s out of sync with what you are doing – an incredibly difficult problem if you’re speaking, and probably worse if you’re trying to sing.

By the time I had the volume up, the set was over. It wasn’t until I watched Geoff’s video that I heard the booing.

I’m still trying to piece the facts together. Was she booed because she was awful? Was she booed because of what happened on Saturday Night Live in October?

I do know that in a very small piece of Geoff’s clip she seemed to be singing, but her mike was off. A few seconds later, she was singing and I heard her voice, but the two seemed to be different.

I’ll look for more info, but if you watched, please add a comment and let me know.

Last week, I sat on the couch and watched an MTV show featuring Ashlee. I can’t understand her celebrity, except for her sister. Having her perform at the Orange Bowl was equally puzzling.

2 thoughts on “Ashlee Again”

  1. The bungled the whole thing. Kelly Clarkson was the first performer, and her audio was screwed up too. There was no audio at all for the first 25 seconds (bad wireless mike, it looked like), and she looked like she was having problems with her earplugs too.

  2. The whole half time show was bad. Kelly Clarkson was having an awful time with her mike and she also had to take her earplug out. Ashlee Simpson sang the whole thing live. I did not here any backing track. My husband listen to it and he was wondering why all the boos. To add she has been booed everytime I have seen her make an apperience since the whole SNL thing.

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