Hard Luck at the Hard Rock

It didn’t take long for my first scheduling snafu. I had planned on seeing my friend Wendie while in Florida. I had changed the day three or four times, trying to make things mesh. I just never told my parents.

This afternoon in the car my mom told me she and my dad would be going to a concert while I went to dinner with Wendie. Uh… that’s Wednesday.

Thank heavens for cell phones. Before we were off the highway the dinner had been moved to tonight. We would meet at the Hard Rock Casino near Ft. Lauderdale after she was done at work.

I borrowed my folks car and headed south on Florida’s Turnpike. The trip was uneventful. I got off at Exit 53, turned left, turned right and right again to the casino.

At about that point the car started riding rough. I was worried something had gone wrong in the transmission. As soon as I got out I knew the problem was a little more pedestrian.

The left rear tire was flat. We’re not talking low here – this puppy was ready to fall off the rim. I called Wendie to tell her where to find me and then called AAA.

In Connecticut I have found AAA to be fine and very helpful. Not here – certainly not tonight.

I called and was told it would be an hour. When the hour was up, I called. “The trucks on the way.” When it didn’t show up, I called again… and again.

The truck showed up 1:45 after I placed the call! I am steaming.

Meanwhile, about 1:35 after placing the call I asked the valet attendant if he’d change it (and I’d pay him). The tow truck showed up as we were finishing. My folks Honda now sports three full size tires and one little donut.

Finally Wendie and I went in for dinner. The inside of the Hard Rock reminds me of their Las Vegas hotel. Except here there are no table games – no blackjack or craps – only slot machines and poker.

Our dinner was at the Hard Rock Restaurant, which considering it was Monday and by now late, was pretty empty. Wendie and I both had salads. Mine was excellent and she said she enjoyed hers as well.

Wendie is not a night person, so she headed home and I headed to the poker area. It’s not a room but an area cordoned off. As I approached I could see the entire rail area was full of people standing, waiting. I wasn’t getting in!

I picked up my car at the valet only to find this was the first casino valet that charged – $5.

I took it slow, considering one tire was not like the others. In the morning we’ll deal with getting it repaired or replaced.

One thought on “Hard Luck at the Hard Rock”

  1. went to the hardrock when our return flight from a cruise was canceled from the blizzard. we were stuck in florida for 2 days before we could get out. one thing that i did not like about the seminole casino was that all the slots were video and the ” four corners ” bingo was a little annoying , not the mention the ” auto daub” double click. ( which was so slow) . over all it was a nice place and actually liked seeing real indians in an indian casino. had a drink with a few very nice indian gentlemen. also the penny thing was also annoying. how could i walk away from a machine when it had 12 cents left. i think cruise ship casinos are more fun since you are on the ship for 7 days they can’t take your money so quick , if they did you would not play the other 6 days. i pretty much had fun in the casino for a week for what i would play in a night at mohegan sun. although the house can’t control the odds any more on the craps table , but i did very well.


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