Sunday With The Supremes

I still have to write yesterday’s entry about Florida and my trip back. I was just just mentally exhausted yesterday and couldn’t.

This early afternoon, as I was laying in bed, I popped the TV on and began to channel surf. I stopped at C-Span.

I make no claims as an intellectual and C-Span is something I seldom watch longer than 20 seconds. Mostly C-Span is deadly – boring beyond words. It is the worst of TV talking heads.

The guests or people giving talks and speeches are ten miles deep and two inches wide. In other words, they know a whole lot about a very narrow subject. Normally it is a subject that has no draw for me.

Today it was the opposite and it was one of the most revealing, uplifting discussions I have ever seen. I watched a moderated conversation between Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Steven Breyer.

If you’re not a Supreme Court watcher, these two are polar opposites. Scalia sits on the far right and Breyer is equidistant to the left. On top of that, Supreme Court justics are seldom seen ‘in the wild,’ and never seen debating.

It is obvious these men are brilliant scholars who understand the weight of their charge. They are fond of each other – respectful of each other’s different opinion.

To hear them speak and weigh their points is to understand the power and beauty of our Supreme Court. Though it would be impossible to agree with both of them, it is important we have both of them. The Supreme Court needs a diversity of opinion, though its collective leaning will shift with shifting political tides.

Not to cheapen the Supreme Court, but isn’t this kind of discussion that Crossfire &#185 should have been? The more people who hear this kind of repartee, the stronger a country we’ll be. Of course you’ve got to get them to stop at C-Span for a few minutes.

&#185 – Crossfire, a CNN mainstay for decades, has recently been canceled.

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