Computing Denial

Who knows why these things happen – but they do. My main home computer has become unstable… unable to work for more than a few minutes without crashing to the dreaded ‘Blue Screen of Death.’ I have the luxury of backup machines, but this main box is the one I depend on and store my most important files on.

That a symptom of computer sickness has developed its own well know nickname (and the acronym BSOD is well know too) is a left handed tribute to Windows computing.

It’s possible there’s something I introduced to the computer that’s got it feeling sickly, though most likely it’s just a driver (or two) or a program (or two) that don’t play well together. I’m not wise enough to know if this is because of the way Windows is designed, but there is a constant litany of Mac and Linux users saying this doesn’t happen to them.

The answer to this BSOD problem is simply to reformat and start again. There’s no doubt I’ll be doing that sometime in the next few days. I just need some time to decide how to do this without losing too much, or any, of my data.

I know I’ll want my mail and address books. There are documents that I’ll need to save too. The scare is that I’ll forget something and end up losing forever something I’ll want or need. That’s why I’ve been reticent to do it.

The funny thing is, reformatting and rebuilding a computer is something I’ve done dozens of times for friends and family members. In fact I had to reformat and redo my dad’s machine while I was in Florida.

It’s a never ending cycle.

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