Late Night Without David Letterman

Recently, I’ve taken to recording Letterman on a nightly basis. I don’t get to watch them all, but it’s nice to know I have Dave to fall back on.

Tonight I fired up the DVR only to find no Dave. In his place, guest hosting was Paul Schaffer.

Memo to Paul:

Never again, please.

All the best,

This was remarkably painful to watch… and I’m normally a Paul Shaffer fan. He just isn’t suited to do this kind of thing and I can’t understand the thought process behind letting it happen.

Shaffer hosting Late Night was a throwback to the days of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. It was always painful when Doc (Ed would be off when Johnny was) would invite you to join Steve Lawrence or Michael Landon or Bill Cosby or some other person with no business hosting.

TV no longer has the luxury of using a show like Late Night to reward a loyal friend. Every night, every time period, has importance.

I assume they were cheering this in Burbank.

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