I Really Don’t Want To Talk About It Now

The Super Bowl is over. The Eagles lost. It is sad for the Fox family.

We sat together through most of the game. When things got somewhat out of control in the 4th quarter, Helaine went upstairs to watch by herself with the sound turned down. We all got back together after the Eagles brought it within three points. It was too late.

I’m sure I’ll have something to say later. Right now, I’m going to try and concentrate on happier things… like watching a lecture in my thermodynamics course.

3 thoughts on “I Really Don’t Want To Talk About It Now”

  1. The Eagles may have lost, and as much as I hate to say it, rightfully so. The errors they made in the first quarter were their downfall. However, it was a really good game. I’m proud of the Eagles and looking towards next year already. The Patriots didn’t walk away with that one. We made them work for it, regardless of what some people may think. A tied game through 3 quarters. If we were going to lose, better the way we did that to be completely shut down. I am still a proud Eagle fan for making it as far as we did and for not giving up.

  2. It was a very good game. Too correct you though. The pats have Never walked away from a superbowl. It has always been very close for them. This is the first time Vinitari didnt have to kick to win it all. All in all both teams where making bad desicions. Still was a great game.

  3. Geoff,

    I should be a New England fan, and my friends say I should love the Red Sox too. I’m still a Yankees Fan though!!!

    I’d love the Pats, but after Bob Kraft screwed over the State of CT for $100 Million, the Patriots are no longer my favorite. Remember: Rentschler field was originally built to entice the Patriots to come to Hartford. Kraft got Krafty and made John Rowland dump all the money into the field and the new Hartford Construction just to push the State of Massachusets into what he wanted.

    I’m about to convert…Maybe become an Eagles Fan.

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