The Super Bowl

This is much too painful to talk about – much. I’m not sure if the season wouldn’t have been easier to take had the Eagles gone down in an earlier round.

As someone who has watched Philadelphia play all season, I can tell you the team out there last night was not indicative of what I had come to know. I’m not talking about forced errors by the Patriots. It’s really all about McNabb’s inability to accurately pass.

Maybe it was jitters. I would be nuts under a similar circumstance.

What was astounding for the Eagles was the performance of Terrell Owens. I can’t say enough about how much of a gamer he was, especially coming back with pins and a plate in his ankle.

On the other hand, I wonder if we’ll ever see Todd Pinkston as an Eagle again. He left last night injured, but how injured? This season, it seems he has avoided contact.

2 thoughts on “The Super Bowl”

  1. I can also say that those were not the same Patriots that we’ve come to know either… they played VERY sloppy and didn’t seem to be into the game for the first half at least… on top of that, our defense took yet another HUGE loss when Eugene Wilson went out, opening up opportunities for the Eagles.. the fact that the Patriots were able to play so sloppy and STILL hold on to win, speaks volumes for me.

    Congrats on a great season to the Eagles, they played very well and really gave our Patriots a run for the $$, and deserve a real lot of credit. It was another entertaining and competitive Superbowl, which I think is what most of the country wants.

    Who knows, maybe these two teams will meet in the big game again next year? I don’t know what the status of the Eagles is, but as for the Pats, except for losing our coordinators, most of the key players will be back next year!

    Finally, I imagine it must have been hard for you to be in Patriots territory and be routing for the enemy… more power to ya!

  2. The Pats were a bit sloppy and seemed oddly nervous early on. But they ultimately managed to do what they always seem to do…they made their competition look worse than them. And it went beyond mere looks.

    After the Colts game, we heard, “Manning picked a lousy game to play badly”.

    After the Steelers game, we heard, “The rookie QB had an off-game at the worst possible time”

    Today, we’re hearing “McNabb didn’t look like himself”

    Is it just me, or is there a pattern here?

    The Eagles didn’t lose this game- the Patriots won it. And they are likely to do more of the same next year.

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