Henry Gibson

I am working tonight, so I can’t watch “Boston Legal” as it airs. It is on here at work&#185, and I keep seeing it in monitors as I move around.

I am pleased to see Henry Gibson on tonight’s show. It looks like he’s playing a judge, but with the sound down, who can know for sure.

What makes Henry Gibson so interesting is, you can’t say his name without saying “Laugh In,” and that show hasn’t been on TV in over 30 years (1968 – 1973)! That his name is so well known, even now, might have something to do with his poems, which began, “A poem, by Henry Gibson.” So, he was not only seen, but identified by name.

I wonder if he minds being remembered this way and if, over time, “Laugh In” has been good or bad for his career?

&#185 – One of the seldom mentioned benefits of working at a TV station is virtually everyone has a TV at their desk.

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