Snow – A Little Easier To Take

For Valentines Day, I brought home some daffodils for Helaine. It was Sunday night and I walked into the darkened house carrying what looked like a few dozen asparagus stalks.

The daffodils bloomed and I think they’re beautiful. Their yellow is so bright and so different than the winter outside. Spring will soon be here – not a moment too soon.

This has all been pushed to the foreground today because it snowed overnight. I haven’t looked at the official numbers&#185, but judging by the emails I’ve received, my call last night was pretty close.

As much as I dislike snow, getting it right is a mitigating factor. It makes the whole storm a little easier to take.

Soon, I’ll be driving back to work. Roads will be slippery. Judging from my driveway, by late tonight much of Connecticut will be covered in black ice. Helaine will be worried, and I worry about her angst.

Like I said. I like daffodils. They stand for everything good that’s yet to come.

&#185 – Actually, the Weather Service no longer puts out official numbers on an hourly basis from airports. We are dependent on the Connecticut DOT, who does measure the snow, but does it in a way that tends to overestimate the results (they clear an area and start fresh each few hours). At least they are consistent, which is much more than half the battle.

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