Intern Night At The TV Station

They’re young. They’re good looking and well dressed. They’re well educated. They’re here to apply for internships all over the TV station.

I hate them.

OK, maybe I don’t hate them… maybe that’s an overstatement. But, think about it. Their goal is to (some day) take my job and the jobs of all the other people working here. And, of course, they have this advantage of being younger, better looking and willing to work for less.

Damn you interns!

The good news for them is, if they are accepted for an internship they’ll probably learn as much or more than they learned in school. At least they’ll have that access and meet people. They’ll have the opportunity to get a foot in the door.

You would be surprised at how many interns come to the TV station and then do the minimum required, getting little out of the experience. I’ve seen interns leave at the end of their ‘shift’ though the news is just starting. Hello? If I would have been given this opportunity while in college they would have had to shoo me away to make me leave every night.

Because of labor laws and our union agreements there are a lot of things interns can’t do. Actually, that’s good. This is the time they’re supposed to watch and absorb. When there are interns who express a desire to be on the air, our photographers always accommodate them and let them cut a tape and go through the on-air motions of a reporter.

From the other side of the studio I can hear them being asked to leave two copies of their resume. What could they have possibly done at 20 or 21 to put on a resume? Those with little, or nothing, are probably feeling intimidated. They shouldn’t. Meaningful experiences for their resumes are ahead of them.

In some ways I am envious. Their whole careers are ahead of them. Will they make the right decisions… or will they think like 20 year olds?

I wish them lots of luck and good fortune, as long as they promise not go after my job.

2 thoughts on “Intern Night At The TV Station”

  1. hey, i was a channel 8 intern for 2 years!! It was an amazing experience…I do agree, some of the interns that I worked with were going through the motions, but, myself and a few others made the most of it and it helped our careers tremendously.

  2. Hey Geoff,

    Another former channel 8 intern here. Overall, I think it was a good experience. Don’t be so harsh on interns — the assignment desk wouldn’t be same without them!


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