Steffie’s Very Short Pregnancy

OK – The headline is misleading, though catchy.

This entry has to do with a school project Steffie just participated in. Her school owns “Baby Think It Over,” aka “Baby Shut Up.”

First, Steffie wore a pregnancy vest, weighing 35 pounds with a protruding belly. She said it was uncomfortable and made her back hurt. So, in that way it simulated the experience of being pregnant… though Steffie only got an afternoon’s worth.

Then, for two days, Steffie became mom for “Maggie.”

I never got a chance to examine the doll, but she is electronic and randomly creates the fuss a little baby creates. Steffie, wearing a non removable bracelet with a key, is the only one who can comfort “Maggie.”

A few nights ago at 3:45 AM, I heard a colicky cry from upstairs and before long Steffie and child were downstairs. Last night the crying happened earlier and I walked by Steffie’s room to see the light on. It’s my understanding that for two nights “Maggie” had cried while Steffie went into the shower. A few times she cried for two hours at a time!

Steffie can’t wait until 2:30 this afternoon, so she can give the baby back.

On the surface, this seems like an interesting and valuable project. I know Steffie wasn’t interested in having a child now at age 17 and this experience has confirmed that in her mind.

On the other hand, this baby doesn’t give back affection or grow with love. It only simulates the worst parts of raising a child. There is no upside. There is no promise of upside.

Still it’s interesting… and as soon as Steffie gets a full night’s sleep and is no longer cranky herself, I’ll ask about it.

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  1. Having just photographed a high school senior girl and her 5 month old baby (born shortly before the young mom’s 18th birthday) —and witnessing her 41 yr. old mother being saddled with most of the child rearing (and she had elected to have only one child herself, so as to have a bit more freedom)—I think high school programs like these are great things.

  2. I am so happy to hear about Geoff. I have been looking for him to show up. I have missed him. Bwst of luck to you, I will be watching!!!!!!!!!!!!

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