Culture Shock Texas Style

My friend Bob recently moved from Minneapolis to Austin, TX. Is there anything these two cities have in common? I assume there’s culture shock… in fact I know there is.

Last night, while talking the dog outside to do her bidness, I encountered my first scorpion. It was parking itself in Terri’s space in the garage, as she’s away in Dallas, learning how to drive the Wells Fargo loan stage.

This Lobster mini-me danced across the cement like an effeminate waiter with two full trays, its claws in the air with an invisible WELCOME TO TEXAS banner stretched across them. Its tail was curled in challenge.

The siege had begun.

Then Mister Shoe stopped the show. And added another just for crackling sure.

I’m gonna get a gun!

My best,


OK – we’ll scratch Austin off the list.

One thought on “Culture Shock Texas Style”

  1. Many moons ago a friend of mine and his family moved into a new house. While running into his new room the 6 year old said the family mutt would not let him go in. The dad is like “what the heck” and went to investigate. The dog was laying on the floor outside the room with a dead scorpion inside its mouth. They rushed the dog to the vet and barely saved its life. My buddy said he didn’t care what it cost, or that it was a mutt, “That dog earned his keep.”

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