The SRS Light

I got the call from the car dealership concerning the SRS light incident of yesterday. The onboard computer spit out what had happened, and my light was on because of a momentary failure of a microswitch in the driver’s side seatbelt.

First, I’m a little surprised the seatbelt latch is wired like that – reporting back its trouble. Maybe I shouldn’t be.

The light has gone off. The problem was probably momentary, but how can I be sure? I can’t. And without an assurance the air bag system is working, driving the car becomes a chancy proposition.

I told them to fix it, though it is not cheap. How could I not?

I’m on my way to Cherry Hill, NJ tonight and was looking forward to taking my car… maybe even riding with the convertible top down this weekend. Instead I’ll be ‘borrowing’ Steffie’s car.

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