Socially Engineered Virus Delivery

This just came in my e-mail. It was written in such a way that it would pass by my spam protection. It’s also written with an innocence that will get people to open it. That’s social engineering at its finest, I suppose.


First, Very Sorry for my bad English.

Someone is sending your private e-mails on my address.

It’s probably an e-mail provider error!

At time, I’ve got over 10 mails on my account, but the recipient are you.

I have copied all the mail text in the windows text-editor for you & zipped then.

Make sure, that this mails don’t come in my mail-box again.


Of course if you open the attached zip file – ZAP – there’s a payload which is probably a virus or spyware or something bad for you.

I took a look here on my Linux machine (which won’t run Windows programs, so is safe against these virii delivery systems) and found the program inside the file is actually called: Mail-document.Datex-packed.exe. The “.exe” part is the tipoff. It’s an executable program.

As long as people fall for this stuff… and they surely will… they will keep being delivered.

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