The Cutoff Low

Let me bring you into “Weatherworld” for a moment. Here in New England, we’re having a stretch of cool and damp days as a low pressure system waffles around the area.

The meteorological term for what’s controlling our weather is a “cutoff low.” That means the low pressure system is cutoff from the force of the jet stream – there’s nothing to push it on its way.

Short term forecasting is fairly simple. It will stay lousy.

Longer range forecasting is much more difficult. These cutoff lows stay stable until something unclogs the pattern. Unfortunately, that’s often impossible to predict until the moment it happens.

I’m forced to forecast a continuation of what’s going on, knowing that might not necessarily be the case. It’s the best forecast, but it’s not my most confident of forecasts.

With Memorial Day weekend a few days away, I’m hoping something happens sooner rather than later.

One thought on “The Cutoff Low”

  1. Yo Geoff,

    What’s up with this weather were having. It Looks more like March and April Weather. I would expect to see more of Mid 70’s to 80’s weather, but not weather from March or April.

    I hope that we get better weather soon and I hope we can see some type of warm summer like weather, not weather i would normally see in March or April.

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