500,000 Pages Served

Sometime in the next 12-24 hours, the little counter in the lower right hand corner of this page will flip over to 500,000. I am astounded.

First, it’s a legit number – more legitimate than most. Since most of the robots that scour this place don’t trigger javascript, they don’t ratchet the counter. These are actual human views.

I’m sure I’m responsible for a significant number, as I reload pages while checking them out. But that’s not enough to spoil my fun.

Thanks for visiting my little site. Each viewing is a surprise to me. Each comment received is a treat. It’s really mind boggling.

2 thoughts on “500,000 Pages Served”

  1. Geoff, Thank YOU for your “…little site.” I visit it most every day; and look forward to reading your “takes” on life.

    Congratulations on reaching this 500,000 milestone!

    Carol R

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