The Finger Brain Disconnect

A while ago I wrote about Mailinator. It’s a really good idea – a public service if you will. If you need a disposable, one time email address, just make one up! Then, when the spam starts rolling in, it’s not your problem.

I wrote about it and then wrote how it wasn’t working. Sure it wasn’t working… I was saying one thing and typing another. What an idiot!

Hi Geoff —

I noticed on May 3 you wrote mailinator wasnt working … but your

posted email trace shows you tried to send mail to, not

I have no idea what spaminator is, but it has nothing to do with

mailinator. And mailinator has been happily running all year.


Paul Tyma

(mailinator guy)

So, now we know who to thank and that it really does work!

Am I embarrassed…. just write me at

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