Perfect Positioning

I was at the New Haven Advocate’s “Best Of” dinner at Anthony’s in New Haven. Very nice. Very enjoyable. I am a born schmoozer.

As I was waiting for my car, I spied this vehicle across the way. It is perfect – seriously.

I assume this is a company that does outcall tech support (the only way people of this ilk will ever be associated with anything outcall). The vehicle does everything humanly possible to position them as the geeks I’m sure they are.

In a world where perception is often mistaken for reality, this vehicle (and the others I saw in the lot) will be perceived correctly. Don’t you want the person who fixes your computer to be nerdy enough to fit into this box of a vehicle?

One thought on “Perfect Positioning”

  1. Here and in Minnesapolis as it’s now owned by (MN based) Best Buy is THE GEEK SQUAD in VW Beetles. They look like police cars. Even better to my eye.

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