War of the Worlds Weirdness

There’s a big article splashed on the New York Times front page concerning Tom Cruise and what has been perceived as strange behavior. I didn’t see the behavior – I don’t know.

There’s talk about how this might affect the filming of Mission Impossible III and the opening of War Of The Worlds in a few weeks.

Is everything OK? Are there problems? Officially everyone says it’s OK, but I was struck by this quote from the Times article:

The two studios have already curtailed the normal promotional press junket ahead of the June 29 release of “War of the Worlds,” limiting it to what Mr. Levy called a smaller number of “preselected interview sessions.” He said the decision had nothing to do with Mr. Cruise but was made because there had been enough promotion already.

Enough promotion already? Please! Let me put this down with, “left to spend more time with his family,” or “pursue other career opportunities,” or “settled without admitting guilt.”

Something doesn’t smell right… and with this much Hollywood money at stake, something’s surely gone wrong. After all, these are people would greenlight Hitler’s new screenplay if it promised to open big.

3 thoughts on “War of the Worlds Weirdness”

  1. I saw his “performance” on Oprah. Let me tell you I wouldn’t let him do any more interviews either if I was his press agent for the movie. If that was supposed to be a big deal on the press junket he blew it. All he did was flaunt his relationship with Katie Holmes, and War of the Worlds got about five minutes of coverage in the entire hour which included a pre-taped interview with Spielberg. Cruise barely spoke about the film.

    Then he went on to bash Brooke Shields for using anti-depressants for post-partum depression on an Access Hollywood interview.

    I think the proper term would be “Loose Canon”

  2. Agree on all points with Amanda above

    I especially thought the Brooke Shields comments were cruel. She’s been through quite a bit- and if he wants people to respect his practices, he should show some respect for others.

    The problem is that he looks like a normal person, but there’s something not quite right there- at least any more.

  3. Thanks for chiming in. I’m surprised this video hasn’t become more widely distributed. I haven’t seen it. Tabloid journalism’s blood instinct must be concentrated in Santa Maria at the moment.

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