Tooth #18, Tooth #19

Before I went to bed, I could sense some swelling in my mouth on the upper left side. I woke up this morning after just a few hours sleep with it very tender and obviously swollen.

My main dentist&#185 (who was in his office on his day off) saw me this morning, briefly. It was enough time for an x-ray and an opinion. Two teeth will have to go because of a periodontal abscess.


My second session is set for 3:30 this afternoon at the periodontist. No one is more thrilled than I!

&#185 – When you have more than one dentist, you know you’re coming to the plate with an 0-2 count before the first pitch.

3 thoughts on “Tooth #18, Tooth #19”

  1. I hope that while your discomfort is minimized, you have a renewed respect for the Flossing-Industrial Complex.

    I have to have 4 wisdom out- and I’m contemplating the “waiting until it becomes a big problem” option. My dentist and hygienist are great- but I’d rather see them socially rather than at work.

  2. No pain is more disruptive to one’s existence than tooth pain. Like a small child or a mother-in-law, it demands your undivided attention and keeps your focus and concentration hostage until satisfied. I recently experienced my first root canal after a gradual four month crescendo in mouth pain. A filling on a back molar fell out, and since I had just graduated from college and was “between dentists” (as most newly designated alumni are after they fall off their parents coverage), I put it off. Eventually it caught up with me!

    I employed ibuprofen, anbesol and ice packs, but the relief was always temporary and I wasn’t too thrilled about an over-the-counter “crutch”. I’d implore my commuting companions to stop at the local ice cream counter on the way home from work just so I could freeze my aching mouth with a douple scoop of mint chocolate chip (though the sprinkles were only aesthetically soothing…) Six dental appointments and $2300 later my tooth was drilled, filled and crowned, and life returned to normal (well, as normal as it can be). After that I was convinced endodontists are heaven-sent. I felt like a million bucks the minute the pain in my tooth subsided. And I made a new friend: dental floss.

    (I heard about your weblog on WPLR – thanks for sharing!)

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