Here Come The Folks

Stefanie graduates from high school tomorrow. I can’t believe that. She should be in a ‘onesey’ with baby powder flying. It has happened too quickly.

In the fall she’ll be attending Hofstra University, and I think she’s pretty psyched.

As part of the celebration, my folks are flying up from Florida this afternoon. In fact, they’re probably at the gate at Palm Beach International now.

The house, normally clean and neat, is cleaner and neater. It was a good excuse for Helaine to get Steffie and me to hold up more of our end, at least as far as presentation is concerned.

One of the sore spots has been our patio furniture which sits behind the house in an area that gets no sun. Every spring it is covered in… well it’s probably best we don’t know exactly what it is covered in! It’s just not the same color as the ‘native’ furniture.

Helaine thought it would be a good idea to get a power washer – and we did. In fact we got two. Neither of them worked.

Still she wouldn’t give up on the idea. This morning she went to the rental place and picked up an industrial strength power washer.

Holy s***!

I’d say it could take the chrome off a trailer hitch, but that analogy has already been appropriated elsewhere.

So, here’s another experience I’m only getting in my mid-50s. It certainly was something that never presented itself while growing up in apartment 5E or my many years as a renter.

Of course we use my parents as an excuse to do these things, but the truth is, they probably won’t even notice. This is for us; our own piece of mind. My parents are just the excuse.

I wonder if I can use the washer on my car before we return it?

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