Deer Across The Street

Helaine was about 10 seconds out of the garage when she called me on her cell phone.

“Go to the window,” she said.

Across the street, staring right at her car was a deer. Though Bambi was lovely to look at, in person deer are ugly. Actually, it’s a good body, bad face problem.

The deer was probably here to scout out the fruit on my peach trees. The peaches themselves are far from ready, but deer seem to be impatient and voracious.

I’m a city boy. I grew up in Apartment 5E. Deer weren’t allowed above the 3rd floor. What do I know? Deer seemed mystical and exotic until I moved to the ‘burbs where I learned they were really tall rats with white tails.

Before the season is over, I can guarantee the deer will eat more of my peaches than I will!

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