Orientation Day – AKA Getting Orientated

Orientated is a word. I know, it’s used a lot. However, it is almost always used incorrectly, when the word used should be “oriented.”

It’s like chalk on a blackboard to my family and me… except when we use it!

Many years ago, Helaine and I had a meeting with an administrator in Steffie’s school. This was a nice woman; a concerned person. She said, “orientated.” End of story.

To us, being “orientated” is an inside joke.

Today was orientation day at Steffie’s college. At the moment, I am sworn to secrecy, except to say it’s out-of-state, but of drivable distance.

The orientation program began at 8:45 AM. We left the house before 7:00. By 8:45 we hadn’t yet reached Stamford!

How the hell do people commute on I-95 into NYC on a daily basis? This was brutal.

When we got to the school, we followed the signs until we got lost. Then we followed the crowds. There were families congregating on campus. They were there for a graduation! From the looks of things, probably a local high school that was using the college’s facilities.

We finally found the place where Steffie was to be. A nice young woman greeted us, looked at Steffie and said parents and friends could go no further. Bye.

That was nine hours ago. We’re hoping Steffie’s still on campus, but haven’t heard from her yet. It’s probably a good sign – right?

After dropping Steffie off, Helaine and I went to a parent’s meeting so we personally could become orientated. Here’s what we learned. No drugs. No alcohol. Students are requested to be more civil to their dorm mates than they are to their parents.

And then, there’s the federal law – FERPA.

One thought on “Orientation Day – AKA Getting Orientated”

  1. It’s like chalk on a blackboard to me, too. One of my friends (who is a nurse) seems to incorrectly use “orientated” at least once or twice every year.

    I just bite my tongue, as I do with a couple of other equally grating things she tends to say.

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