Second Midterm

I just finished taking my second midterm. What a relief.

Even though I took 59:40 of the allotted 60 minutes before hitting the submit button, this test was fairly straightforward. All my MSU tests are open book, so I had a chance to check a few answers before I was through.

Don’t be confused. Open book sounds simple, but 50 questions in 60 minutes is much too much to be done by thumbing through a textbook. You’ve got to know most of it and the rest, you’ve got to know where to find.

Meanwhile, I got the results of the test I took yesterday. It was a “B,” and I’m very unhappy. There were a few I got wrong that I just screwed up on – plain and simple.

I’ve found it’s much easier to do well in the first half of the semester and then relax a little. The pressure’s off when you get to the final.

Not this time. I’ll have to be diligent all the way through until the end. A little more than a month and school is over – maybe forever.

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