Dogs Mean So Much

I hope my friend Rick doesn’t mind, but I am going to post something he sent me and others in an email. Wingnut, the Allison family dog, has passed away.

I only met Wingnut a few times, but I could tell he was secure in his modest upbringing and questionable lineage. He was a fun dog, having a good time. Within a family, a dog like Wingnut can set the tone.

There’s no doubt, a dog becomes a member of the family – another child, a companion, a friend.

That the archetypical dog name, “Fido,” is derived from the Latin “fidus,” meaning “faithful,” should be no surprise. Faithfulness just might be a dog’s most endearing trait.

One thought on “Dogs Mean So Much”

  1. My condolences to the Allison family. I love people who “get” one of my all-time favorite quotes, by Dr. Albert Schweitzer: ‘Life outside ourselves is an extension of the life within. This compels us to take responsibility for all creatures great and small…’

    Anyone who has truly loved a pet knows we end up benefitting in so, so many ways from sharing our lives with them. There couldn’t be a better prescription for happiness, lower blood pressure, etc. Knowing them is much more rewarding than anything money could ever buy.

    Although it can be difficult to take the step of adding another pet, I never look at that as any sort of a replacement—but as a way to provide a home for another needy little being, and as a way to honor the memory of previous furry family members.

    Thanks for sharing Wingnut’s life & legacy with us, Geoff. It’s clear he had quite a wonderful life, knowing what it was like to be cherished.

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