First Email Of The Day

This is not a good sign. Here’s the first email of the morning for me:

Comments: Who colored your hair??? It looks “phoney”.

Also, why do you read aloud the temperatures when they’re right on the map

behind you??

I could almost put up with a coterie of viewers thinking I color my hair… but they’re angry about it. Even representing a minority, this women is indicative of some viewers. It’s troubling.

Actually, it’s not so much she thinks I’m coloring it. She thinks the color looks bad. Yikes!

Blogger’s note: The attached photo was taken by me, pointing the camera into the mirror, a few minutes after I originally posted this entry.

One thought on “First Email Of The Day”

  1. Geoff, being a frequent visitor to your site, I KNOW you don’t color your hair, BUT, I have to tell you, watching you on TV, it does appear that you do. In fact, your hair appears pure black, not the brown/chestnut that it appears in the picture here.

    Nothing you can do I guess, people will believe what they want, right?

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