Katrina Heads West

When I called my folks yesterday to give them their “Katrina heads-up,” I immediately heard the discomfort in my mom’s voice. It’s not that she didn’t feel they could weather a hurricane. It’s that she already has.

Even if it creates no significant damage, a hurricane is a major inconvenience. My mom and dad remember the days without power, phone and air conditioning. Who wants to repeat that?

She said they were prepared in the things you’re supposed to have: lanterns, water, food, batteries.

I wish I could say they were off the hook. The definitely are not. The predicted track brings Katrina perilously close to Boynton Beach early Friday morning.

A hurricane is bad enough during the day. In the dark of night, it’s worse.

The only good news is the hope Katrina will stay a minimal hurricane. Much of South Florida is built to easily survive a category one storm.

This isn’t my last post on this storm.

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