Katrina On Radar

I have been looking at the Miami NWS Nexrad‘s image of Katrina&#185. Very interesting.

It doesn’t have distinct hurricane features yet. There’s no eye, as such. Still, I am seeing what looks like a center of circulation. It is becoming circular after its previous blob shape.

I think of all the observational tools, radar is best at this point. Satellites are interesting, but radar is so much closer to real time and rapidly updated.

&#185 – Right now, that’s just whatever’s on the Miami radar. It was Katrina when this entry was originally posted.

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  1. Im headed to Tampa, FL next week [Sept. 1-5] will Katrina be out of there by then? And is there going to be lingereing storms after the Katrina storm?… I sure hope not, Thanks for any input. šŸ™‚

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